The Great Gatsby Inspired Jewellery & Headpiece Ideas

Last night I watched the 2013 rendition of The Great Gatsby and was blown away by the costumes and the jewellery. The sheer amount of detail that went into the wardrobe of the film was incredible, which is no doubt why some dubbed the movie to have ‘more style than substance’. I thought the storyline was great though, and the 1920s fashion was captured perfectly. The lead female character, Daisy, had the most beautiful array of dresses and headpieces, which got me thinking about how you could recreate the pieces at home…

Daisys-Diamonds-A-Look-at-Tiffanys-Gatsby-Gems-from-Blue-Book-Collection(image source)

Above is Daisy’s most iconic look from the film, and by far my favourite. As she parties with Gatsby, Daisy wears a shimmering beaded gown, complete with fur and feathers, but for me the stand out pieces are the accessories. A beautiful headpiece with a sparkling feather brooch, and a matching pair of pearl cuffs that continue over the hand and onto a finger with a simple ring.

To recreate Daisy’s headpiece, we would use one of our diamante feather brooches as the focal point, and make the band section out of two lengths of 0.8mm wire, carring some of our diamante connectors and findings, and fastened at the back with some pretty ribbon. For an easier option, you could use a double headband to get the shape of the band, and attach your diamante, findings or crystals with 0.4mm silver wire. To finish off you could create the dangling pearl section with a diamante connector and thread headpins with our ivory or winter white 4mm and 6mm pearl beads.

Top row l-r: 2.5mm Ivory pearl beads || Diamante rectangle findings || Diamante flower strip || Feather brooch || Diamante leaf findings.
Middle row l-r: Diamante trim || Double headband || Filigree connectors || Diamante flower connectors || 6mm Ivory pearl beads.
Bottom row l-r: Leaf detail connectors || 3mm Metallic ribbon || 4mm Winter white pearl beads || Tiger tail & crimp beads bundle || Vintage style cross brooch.

Take a look at some of the headpieces that Jo has made based around the 1920s vintage theme…


These were both made using our smooth 3mm headbands and a selection of diamantes and pearls. The first features our new diamante cluster as a focal point, and is encrusted with our high quality diamantes along the band and in sprays with some 4mm pearl beads. The second takes inspiration from a typical flapper girl with long strands of our silver diamante trim and also a looped section towards the front. This would be perfect worn with a sleek up – do for an alternative look for a vintage wedding.

You can also check out our Pinterest board on all things Gatsby and 1920s for more ideas and inspiration!

Have you made a headpiece or jewellery inspired by Gatsby and the roaring twenties? Share your pictures with us over on Facebook. We would love to see your designs!



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