Make An Antique Silver Leaf Bracelet

Leaf Toggle Clasp Bracelet tutorial

Easy jewellery making tutorial and instructions to make a crystal bracelet with a leaf toggle clasp.

If you tuned in to our show on Create & Craft TV last week (if you’re quick you may catch it here!), you would have spotted Jo wearing the lovely leaf toggle clasp bracelet. We’ve had some great feedback about the bracelet, so thought we would show you how easy it is to make yourself!

You will need:
Tiger tail beading wire & crimp beads
4cm Antique silver leaf toggle clasp
Snowflake spacer beads
8mm Crystal disco ball beads
Jump rings


How to make:

Firstly, cut approx 9 inches of tiger tail and thread on a crimp bead. Feed the end of the wire back through the bead to create a loop, and flatten the crimp bead into place with flat nose pliers.

Using a jump ring, attach the bar part of the toggle clasp to the loop you have just created.

Thread on one crystal disco ball bead followed by six snowflake spacer beads. Repeat this another six times, and finish off with a final disco ball. (To create the pattern you will need a total of 7 disco balls and 42 spacer beads.)

At the end of your last bead, thread on a crimp bead and feed the end of the tiger tail back through to create a loop, the same way as the first step. Then attach your leaf clasp securely by threading a jump ring through the loop on the back of the leaf, and the loop you have created at the end of the bracelet.

How about turning your bracelet into a beautiful necklace?

Create an necklace using a length of heavy chain finished off with another leaf toggle clasp.  You can wear the chain alone or use the toggle clasps to attach the bracelet to the front as shown below.

Leaf Toggle Clasp Necklace


Click here fore more lovely clasps…

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