Champagne Pearl Fringe Necklace

This statement necklace could be made in many colour combinations but I continued with our champagne and coral theme from Claire’s post yesterday by using champagne pearls and crystals.


Supplies Needed

How to make:

  1. Cut or open the links in the chain to make 24 pieces of chain each with 5 links
  2. On to a piece of tigertail thread a crystal bicone then add one of the pieces of chain by threading through the top link. Repeat this until you have 25 crystal bicones and 24 pieces of chain.  For the back of the necklace either continue to thread on crystals or finish the tigertail at this point by making a loop secured with a crimp bead and add a length of chain for the back of the necklace.
  3. For the next row we used 6mm champagne glass pearls in the same way, threading through the second link down in the chain. As above you can either add chain for the back of the necklace or continue with beads on the tigertail.
  4. Finish off by attaching a clasp to both strands with a jumpring or by opening the links in the chain. A toggle clasp would be perfect.


be careful not to twist the chain as you work.


you could use the same technique to create a bib necklace by adding 3 more rows of beads.

add beads on headpins to

the bottom loops of the chain for extra movement.
how about using the same technique to make a matching bracelet?

necklace on wall

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